Hello there, I hope you’re faring well.

I am stoked to take this opportunity to share a bit about me so that we can build at least a one-way connection to begin with. And then who knows what happens next? Maybe we’ll have the opportunity to work together or simply connect and exchange through different media channels. I’m excited by the possibilities.

I’m Kieran and I am a big fan of experiences. I have been very fortunate to have had a wide range of experiences through my personal and professional life. I’ve been single, bored, amazed, stressed out, inspired, over excited, content, confused, at peace, worried sick, eternally grateful. I’m a father, partner, brother, son. I’ve worked for $3.58 per hour in a plastic factory, served for 7 years in the Australian Defence Force, moved overseas into corporate and multinational roles, completed post-graduate university education, worked across production, maintenance and training functions, designed and delivered leadership and coaching programs, and now pursuing my dreams co-founding and delivering service through Ducidium.


Why? Because I believe I can help organisations achieve more, and I want to share everything I have experienced and learned about leadership, organisational behaviour and development, management practices, communication, empowerment and people. I am driven to help organisations create the environments where people have the opportunities to perform and achieve their desired success. And beyond, I am inspired by a dream where focus shifts away from time and money and towards purpose and experience.


So what does this mean for you? It means that if your organisation is looking to change, transform, innovate or create new behaviours, culture, ways of working, or simply improve communication and leadership, then I am eager to accompany you on that journey from the initial kick-off through to implementation and organisational leadership maturity.



Hey there!


Thanks so much for stopping by. If we were here in person, I’d have a big smile on my face right now.


I’m Maike, I was born happy and with infectious energy. From a young age, I was told that I had a way to land on my feet. Being intrigued by that, I began to observe how others handle challenges and pursue their goals. I was fascinated that some people seem to thrive so easily, while other go from one struggle to the next. It’s what drove me to study Psychology and find out about how the human mind works, how we find motivation and how we flourish. I specialised in behaviour change and worked many years as a researcher and consulting workplaces how to manage cultural change and enable behaviour change among their people.


However, while I was good at helping others, I wasn’t so good at helping myself.


I had always loved my job and the people I worked with, yet I had that nagging feeling that something was missing, without being able to pinpoint what it was. It took me about a decade to sit down with pen and paper and write down, in detail, what it was that excited me the most about what I knew about the human mind. I ended up writing a workshop - and then I trialled it. My participants loved it, and so did I. What I didn’t know then and only figured out later is that it was a workshop about the art of self-leadership.


If you’re familiar with the concept of self-leadership, you’ll understand what took me so long. After all, the word itself barely forms part of our vocabulary yet. But I’m determined to change that, because it’s a fundamental skill to master – both in the workplace and life more broadly. Because ultimately, it’s the practice of identifying your desired experiences and guiding yourself to the finish line, no matter how big, challenging or unattractive the task ahead. And if cultivating the competencies needed to become efficient self-leaders is something you’re keen to support your people with, I’d be stoked to do the work for you.