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You could achieve so much more.

Ducidium will ignite your drive and build

your ability to transform, lead and empower.


 About Ducidium

All individuals, teams and organisations hold the resourcefulness and potential to succeed. Ducidium holds the training, coaching, and experience to extract it.

Our mission is to provide individuals, teams and organisations with the understanding, abilities, and drive to confidently transform, lead, and empower.

With the plethora of leadership books, courses, models, assessments, and tools available, it can be overwhelming and confusing when deciding how to best achieve developmental or transformational goals.

Ducidium offers a singular learning path that captures and links the critical elements behind people, communication, management, leadership, and empowerment. This path is the result of the qualifications and over 30 years’ experience that we hold in:

  • human psychology

  • behaviour change science

  • organisational development

  • military and corporate environments

  • training and development

  • change management

  • leadership and coaching


This is Ducidium
This is Ducidium

 About Us

Kieran Doherty

Co-Founder, Organisational Leadership Driver

I’m Kieran and I am a big fan of experiences. I have been very fortunate to have had a wide range of experiences through my personal and professional life...

Dr Maike Neuhaus

Co-Founder, Self-Leadership Driver

I’m Maike. I was born happy and with infectious energy. From a young age, I was told I had a way to land on my feet. Intrigued, I began to observe how others lead themselves...


   Our services    

Leadership workshops

Our training workshops allow participants to progress through the learning path.

The workshops are evidence-based and structured to provide a consistent, logical progression through the content and can be delivered face-to-face or remotely.


We offer two learning paths: One covering self-leadership and the other covering organisational leadership topics.

Download our course outlines for self-leadership and organisational leadership training.

Individual Coaching

Our coaching engagements provide individuals with the opportunity to take their learning further and maintain the momentum towards implementation. Coaching is available in the following formats:

Ignite session (30 mins):

1 to 1 coaching session, ideal for kick-starting exploration on a workshop topic.

Drive engagement (5 hrs):

1 to 1 coaching

engagement ideal for targeting a desired

personal or professional outcome across one or more core learning topics (recommended format: 5 x 1 hr sessions)

Organisational Consulting & Coaching

​Organisations that want to remain relevant and successful must be able to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills, and culture that allows people to perform.

Ducidium accompanies organisations and their people to develop the understanding, abilities, and drive to perform in the next era.

Our organisational services provide tailored transformation strategies and solutions that encompass the core beliefs, values, culture, and behaviours that organisations are driving towards.



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